HSP…ower?? Pardon my French!!


This blog is about Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) BUT not only!

An HSP is someone who experiences acute physical, mental, or emotional responses to external and internal stimuli.

Since I could ever remember, I have always felt concerned by the nature and how it has been mistreated by our own species. Studying environmental sciences has helped me to understand how complex but fragile our ecosystem was. Much later, I started to realize the importance of social aspects in the development of environmental solutions. Thus, I naturally developped a strong attraction towards the dimension of social and green innovation.

It has always been difficult to understand how “I work”due to being an HSP myself. Living in a world with too many stimuli is often like feeding your brain with an excess of information. Feeding and stimulating this organ is great but to some extent. A student feeling burned out can close his/her book and take some fresh air, but for an HSP the same action can be quite challenging in some situations. However, this question stays in my mind: how being a “vacuum of information and emotions” could have some advantages?

I want to use this blog as a “social lab”, where conclusions and perspectives from thoughts, research and fruitful exchanges with people could be presented. I believe that gathering and analyzing all this information will help me to better understand how being highly sensitivite can have a positive value in the society. HSP being a diversity trait in our species (Neurodiversity), I`m really excited through this platform to get a better understanding of how our diversity can be beneficial to the whole group. I hope by those two questions I will find some answers to a problematic meaning a lot to me, and for sure to many of you as well.

How us, humans can redefine a better relationship with our planet?

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