Embracing Neurodiversity, High Sensitivity and Empathy: How Wellbeing becomes key for Positive Changes

I am really proud to be invited to join the competition among other inspiring leaders in the category Wellbeing & Sustainable Economy!For a week I will be sharing posts (blogs, videos, articles etc…) related to my project in wellbeing through my WONDR profile. Link here

WONDR is an online platform where anyone can share knowledge and insights around purposeful topics such as climate, conservation, sustainability, education, equality, wellbeing and much more! Sharing encouragement and inspiration to pursue the topics we’re curious about.

We are living in a world that is changing and that is facing many challenges. We must act, but how? What are our tools?

Our diversity is our secret weapon! While some parts of our diversity such as gender, culture, sexual orientation or religions and beliefs start being understood, respected and valued, many others are still misunderstood or even ignored. It is especially the case with Neurodiversity. Neurodiversity refers to variation in the human brain regarding sociability, learning, attention, mood and other mental functions. This variation can include those labeled With Austistic Spectrum, ADHD, High Sensitivity and much more. While those variations are still condemned as a disorder or a handicap they do not match what society expects, I want to show you how Neurodiversity as any kind of diversity in our own species is not a disorder but it is actually a potential for change and improvement in our society.

Trying to fit and to find our place in the society and even maybe trying to change the world might affect our mental health. It is therefore really important, and especially for the neurodiverse community to value the role that wellbeing plays. Considering the key role of wellbeing will allow us to use all our differences to create a more sustainable society. Indeed, everything is connected!

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