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From Millennials to Z (M2Z) is a podcast about environment, activism, self-developmment and wellness. Even cooler? Elliott and Andre bring the millennial and Z generaions finally together, trying to create a link between them, since they are one of the most important actors for positive change. Let´s get inspired and empowered!

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Meet our Team!

Elliott Lambert

Environmental Biologist & Content Creator

Originally from France and living in Norway, Elliott is a Millennial passionate for Biodiversity, Climate, Sustainaiblity and Personal Development. He loves using his creativity to connect and empower people from various background and from different part of the world. This is how he see how to create a real positive impact.

Email me: elliott@hspoweraction.com

André Reis

Co-Founder, passionate about mindfulness and scuba diving

From loving nature, extreme sports, to trying to find his own path in a deeper way of life, André is an 18 years old boy from Portugal. He has been involved in various projects with impacts. He believes together we can make a difference. This difference starts with each one of us, in small acts we do in our day to day lives.

Email me: m2z.podcast@gmail.com

Collaboration? Take contact!

We are always looking for guest speakers to share their experience and tips to relevant topics.