Humans: Bad Parasites, Good Sign?

Climate change is real, and us, humans, are the main agents. We’ve f*cked things up, BUT we can still close the wounds and prevent any further scars to our ecosystem. We still meet some deniers, and some people not understanding the real consequences of our current lifestyles for the future. However, we can thankfully observe a rise of awareness with individuals having a clearer idea … Continue reading Humans: Bad Parasites, Good Sign?

HSP…ower?? Pardon my French!!

Hello EVERYONE! This blog is about Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) BUT not only! An HSP is someone who experiences acute physical, mental, or emotional responses to external and internal stimuli. Since I could ever remember, I have always felt concerned by the nature and how it has been mistreated by our own species. Studying environmental sciences has helped me to understand how complex but fragile … Continue reading HSP…ower?? Pardon my French!!