Eco-anxiety, Climate Change, You and I

Illustration from B Rich Hedgeye

Taking care of our mental health is still quite neglected, especially in “Western” countries, where talking about feelings and emotions is still taboo.

By the rise the extreme weather, more and more people get affected by physical but also mental illness related. In an uncertain future, it’s more important than never to give a higher priority to our wellbeing. The eco-anxiety, referring to ” a fear of environmental doom” is a global concept used to explain a series of negative emotions directly linked to climate change. Why is it important to talk about it? Not only it can be linked to mental problems, but, it can also prevent us to take action to fight climate change.

Being passionate about our ecosystems and feeling concerned by its protection, I also realised through my first experiences as a consultant in personal development, the importance of our wellbeing and resilience. Therefore, I decided to create the YouTube Channel Øreka. Indeed, I felt that some topics were easier to be presented through a written article while, some others would have their messages delivered in a more impactful way through the videos.

In this first video, we will be talking about what is eco-anxiety and why we must talk about it.

To watch the video click here and enjoy!

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